Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hello stamping friends.

Today I am posting some pictures of how I store my Darkroom Door stamps.
I have 22 yummy sets! They come in flat tins.
I found they fit nicely on their side in a small carry/luggage bag.

To find the right set quickly, I have written the name of the set in permanent marker on the side of the tin

Close up view

It fits 17 sets this way, so I have four on top like this

There is one tin in a outside pocket. I am now going to have to look for a slightly bigger bag.....I have a feeling there are more sets to come! ;)

Besides been neat and tidy, its easy to transport when going to a stamp day/weekend.
If I can`t make up my mind which sets I want to use, I just take the lot!

So, how do you store your stamps?


  1. Great storage for some wonderful stamps Shirley! xx

  2. Good one. I'm the same, just outrgrown my storage and going to have to upgrade lol. they are good though, very easy to store being in the tins and easy to find stuff with the images on the front.

  3. Oh Shirley what an awesome range of stamps... and a fabulous way to store them... I love that they are in tins...

    BTW the matte medium I used was mod podge...and I wonder if gel medium might work too :))

    Have a great week...
    Jenny x

  4. Hi Shirley! I sent you an e-mail but wanted to make sure you saw it in both places - you've won my giveaway for the Lily Pad blog hop. Pls. email me your full name and mailing address and I will get your prize out to you. Thank you! My email: she_loves_ps at

  5. Great idea! I store mine in a cupboard with my other boxed stamps (mostly Stampin' Up). I like to have them loose so I can pull them out to see what's in the tins. I really love the Darkroom Door stamps - such great quality and such beautiful images.
    Congratulatiosn on teh Lily pad win!