Saturday, August 20, 2011


Look what I found on my door step two days ago

25 yummy colours of Distress Stains!

I added these to my first collection of 12 (basket on right)

The other basket contains some Glimmer Mist. I found the set of 2 white baskets ($2)from KMART fit nicely in my drawer.

To find the colour I need....

I punched out 3/4in circles out of jac paper ,peeled off one side and adhered the sticky side to the lids. I then had the fun of applying the colour to the circles.
How cool do they look?

I can easily remove the basket out of the drawer and take to my desk when I want to have a play.

Another idea is to try and keep the colour groups together.
Blues,browns, reds etc.

These colours match the 36 colours of Distress Inks plus one new colour Picket Fence

Do you have a great way to store your Distress stains,inks or other stamping supplies?


  1. Shirl you are the queen of clean LOL! Can I come over and help you get messy?!! Lets see how long this lasts. I think the colour labels are a fab idea.

  2. this post just totally made me drool - is that sad! xox

  3. Ooh Shirley, please nip on a plane & come organise my stain collection! Yours look fab, might have to pinch that idea! x

  4. ooh I'm coming to your place to visit