Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scrapmatts House

This was made at a Scrapmatts class while at the Brisbane Craft Expo.

Just realised I have a couple of things to add to the front cover.

Was a lot fun painting,inking and assembling the cover.
The house album has 6 chipboard pages. I have some ideas brewing for the pages.
Will be adding lots of ribbon and fibres to the book rings.
I was going to put an old family photo in the frame, but decided to use this gorgeous image instead.


  1. So lovely! I really like how you've incorporated all those wonderful elements into the collage. Looking forward to seeing the pages as they evolve.

  2. Lovely Shirley :) Especially love that beautiful dress form...

  3. Great textures, Shirley, & that image is so pretty & just perfect for the colours you used :)

  4. Love your gorgeous house album Shirl... and that image is so very sweet... sounds like wonderful classes in Brisbane...

    Jenny x

  5. Your book cover is fabulous Shirley! Love the vintage theme! xx

  6. Oh this is so lovely Shirley, just love the scrapmatts frame and love the whole vintage look.